Monday, 27 November 2006

A busy weekend

We had a fairly productive time here at "Lumley Towers" over the weekend., there were some lovely smells eminating from the kitchen. Firstly on Saturday Keith put a casserole on to cook in the slow cooker so that we did not have to miss any of Strictly Come Dancing, a "must see" in this house! It was a new recipe from the cook book we bought in M&S the week before last, it was cinnamon lamb casserole. It was lovely, although, after seeing the lambs playing outside the window of our holiday cottage in Swaledale in the spring, I said I would not eat lamb again. It can only be hoped that this was not Swaledale lamb! Keith also made some pepper and basil rolls in the breadbaker, and very lovely they are too. Also on Saturday afternoon I made a batch of flapjacks, followed on Sunday by spiced biscuits and chocolate brownies, some of the latter are in the freezer for another time. On Sunday afternoon we went out and collected a Christmas present and did not pass up the opportunity for a cream tea, well I didn't, Keith polished up his halo by watching me eat one while only having the tea himself. I also managed to fit in some stitching on Saturday evening, more of that in the next post.

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