Friday, 9 February 2007

Chocolate Shoppe SAL

Firstly I must apologise to everyone, it's nearly a month since I last blogged and although I have been reading all your blogs, I'm afraid that I haven't been making many comments either. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to read my last post and who left a comment. It's really lovely to be able to share my stitching with you all, and your comments are much appreciated.

Claire, Sally and I started the Chocolate Shoppe by LHN as a SAL on Wednesday. I am stitching it on 28ct Cashel linen in Antique Ivory using the called for DMC threads. I had a bit of a trying start with my thread knotting, never to come undone, after about four stitches. I had to restart and would you believe it the thread knotted up again! I was all set to throw this across the room, but did get the knot out and after that things went a little better. As you can see I didn't get too much done, well I am a slooooooooooooow stitcher and also wasn't feeling the greatest. I am looking forward to next Wednesday when hopefully I'll make more progress. I do hope Claire and Sally are enjoying this SAL.

I've also made several cards but unfortunately can't show you them all. Some, although they have been received, I forgot to take photo's of, and one has not yet been sent. However, I can show you this one as it's for a school friend of mine who now lives in Canada, and who doesn't read my blog. BTW we haven't seen each other for thirty three years! I like to try and make Gina a card, whether it be a stitched one or a card craft one.

Unfortunately I didn't do too well with my ornament for January's Christmas ornament SAL. I started it on the Friday but we were out over most of the SAL weekend, and so didn't get any more stitched. I think I'm going to have to call this February's now and work on it during the week as weekends are normally busy one for me.


Sally said...

Chocolate SHoppe is looking good Nicola. That's what I got done too! Doesn't that cake look good enough to eat!

Mylene said...

Sorry to hear about the knotted threads, what you start looks good though.
WOW! that's a long ti e that you haven't seen each other then but still have contacts.
Have a nice weekend.

Julie said...

beautiful daffodil design Nicola, nice start on the Choc Shoppe too