Monday, 26 March 2007

Jeremy Bear

This is Jeremy Bear and I stitched him last week for a quilt that is being made by a friend on the Aion BB and her Mum. It's for a very poorly baby boy who has feeding problems, which have now been diagnosed after quite a lot of tests. He will have to be in hospital though for another two to six months.

Other stitching news, well I didn't stitch on Chocolate Shoppe last week as I was busy with Jeremy, but I did some the week before, although I know I haven't yet shown you a picture. I'll update with that one and this weeks work later in the week. As I'm in need of a bit of cheering up today I'm treating myself to a new start. I'm going to stitch my first Chatelaine design, the Lavender Garden Mandala from issue 9 of the Gift of Stitching. I've been promising myself that I'd start this for months now, and it's been kitted up for some weeks, although I've changed the fabric that I was going to use. I'm now going to use Silkweavers Reflections in 28ct Lugana, "Blue Diamonds", a lovely sparkly pale blue colour.

I'd just like to thank you those of you who read my blog , and especially those of you who leave comments, they are very much appreciated. It's lovely to see some new names too, and I really enjoy taking a look at all your blogs.


Lynn said...

he's so cute Nicola, well done. This quilt is going to look lovely when it's finished.

Julie said...

a cute little bear

what a coincidence, Sally, Lisa and I are stitching the chatelaine too, it's mine and Lisa's 1st attempt at one, looking forward ot seeing yours !!!

Sally said...

Jeremy Bear is so cute Nicola.

How is Lavender Mandala going? I love it and can't wait to pick it up again at the weekend.

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

What an adorable bear. It will look cute in the quilt.

Stitchingranny said...

Ahh hes a sweetie Nicola. Look forward to seeing updates of Chocolate Shoppe and also your progress pics of the Chatelaine, are you doing this as a SAL with Sally, Lisa and Julie??

Clare said...

Good luck with the new start Nicola. The Bear is really sweet - well done.

Maybe you need to visit the chocolate shop near me - for a little something to help you on your way!!!!!!!!