Tuesday, 26 June 2007

And Now For Something Different

First I would like to thank everyone for their lovely comments on Floralie. I'm beavering away on it again and, if you're not too bored with it, will post another update later in the week. I'd also like to say hello, and thank you for visiting, to new readers of my blog.

I thought it was about time that I showed you something of my other hobby, card making. At one time this took over from cross stitch, until I joined a cross stitch forum that is, now it has taken more of a back seat. However, my family and friends have come to expect a homemade card from me and we have six birthdays in the first two weeks of July. So starting on Friday last and continuing over the weekend and yesterday, I made four of the six cards. These are three of them, I can't show you the fourth one yet in case my friend reads this. They are all decoupage, which takes quite a time to cut out and is tiring on the eyes. The fairy on the middle card for my niece was particularly fiddly with the long strands of hair , which are very narrow at the ends making cutting a difficult job. You'll get a better view of the cards if you click the picture.

Today started off sunny but it's now dull, but at least it's not raining! I'm not one to complain about the rain normally, it doesn't make any difference, you can't turn it off, but it's starting to get me down. Yesterday we had so much rain that one of the roads out of the village had to be closed. It always floods under the railway bridge on that road, but on top of all the other rain we've had lately I suppose it was much deeper than usual. Fortunately Keith had gone to Stafford in the car instead of on his bike, he usually uses that road as it's the shorter route. Mind you I know we're luckier here than some places in the country that are really suffering badly. I feel really sorry for those people.

Right, I'd better leave this here as I really must do some housework.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right - get on and do some housework.

The signs weree still out for Tixall Road but you know me, I went that way just to see what the problem was, and the road is actually open and dry. Was a fair bit of debris though, and the flood had obviously spread along the road towards the village, judging by the extent of the dirt etc.

No, I don't expect you to publish this but it proves I read your emails and I looked at your blog, which I think is very interesting.

Let's see how many genuine comments you get.



Julie said...

Love the cards Nicola, i didn't know you did cards too, the fairy is gorgeous, my DD would love that

I'm looking forward to seeing your next update of floralie, it's very pretty and i love seeing what other stitchers are up to

Happy Stitching

Stitcher said...

Lovely cards, and look forward to seeing another Floralie update

Itching To Stitch said...

Those cards are great, so creative ;)

Sam said...

Another one here who loves the fairy card especially, they're all beautiful though. I used to know someone who did decoupage cards & know how fiddly they can be!

Sally said...

Those cards are gorgeous Nicola. I'm another one who loves the fairy one:)

Hazel said...

Love your cards. My sisters both do a lot of card making and spend an absolute fortune on bits for it. I just daren't get into it!!! Glad you didnt get flooded. xx

Little Grey Cat said...

Hello there

Your cards area beautiful! I haven't had chance to look through your blog properly as I'm in my lunch hour at work, but will have a good read later when I get home.

I lived in Staffs for a while - in Leek and my brother and SIL live near Tunstall. I think you are the nearest stitching blogger to me that I've found lol (I'm in Stockport.)

Right, better get back to the grindstone. Grrr.

JOT said...

Lovely cards! Just like you card making used to be my thing until I became addicted to cross stitch.

Mylene said...

Beautiful cards! Haven't done card making for a while now myself and do missed it.

Meari said...

Nicola, those cards are beautiful!