Friday, 20 January 2012

More Stash and Merry Christmas

Yes, that's right I've treated myself to some more stash this week. Sew and So have a sale on at the moment so I treated myself to Just Nan's Jingle biscornu chart while I was ordering some other bits. I'm justifying it because it's a biscornu and doesn't need space on the walls. LOL

I needed another needle minder so bought this Hibiscus design by Kelmscott Designs.

I also bought another floss storage box and some more plastic bobbins. The winding, however, is going slowly!

I'm hosting a Greetings Card SAL on the Needlecraft Haven forum, and this is my first card. It's from Mary Hickmott's Cross Stitch Gallery magazine issue 4. I can't finish it off just yet as I've run out of the Krienik braid and it's out of stock at Sew and So. You can see that I only have the letter "C" to finish, but it will have to wait until I next go to Sew and So or Cotswold Needlecraft at Trentham Gardens.

That's all for this week. Many thanks for all your lovely comments on last weeks post, I really do appreciate them all. It was also lovely to see some new readers and followers of my blog.



cucki said...

Beautiful stash ,,sweet needle minder too..
And wonderful finish..I love it so much ..
Keep well big hugs xxx

Gabi said...

Great new stash. Love your card.

Jane said...

Good for you for more stash buying ~ it makes me feel less guilty if I know everyone else is doing it as well!
Your card stitching is lovely, how frustrating to run out of thread with so little left to do ~ wish I could help you out but I've searched through my thread stash and don't have any Krienik :) xxx

Erica said...

What a beautifule card design! It will be lovely when it is finished. Don't you just hate it when you are so close to a finish and have to wait for more threads!?!
It will be worth the wait though!

Christine said...

Great stash and your Merry hristmas is beautiful. Hope you can get hold of the thread to finish it soon

Brigitte said...

Oh Nicola, from time to time we just need some new stash, no matter how much we already own, lol. The BBDs you bought from your gift certificate and the JN chart are just gorgeous. Have fun stitching them.

Ranae said...

Nice stash the needle minder is so pretty.
The card design is looking great.

Kathy A. said...

Lovely new stash.
Isn't it annoying to run out of thread. I did that with some 310 a short while back.
Love your new needleminder. I have the same one.

Rowyn said...

Great new stash Nicola.

Now was that a 'need' a new needleminder as in wanted to stop losing your needles, or was it because it was so pretty you 'needed' it!? :-) lol

Julie said...

Your sparkly card is going to be gorgeous, hope the thread coes quickly.
Nice stash!

Chris said...

Lovely new stuff Nicola. We always need to take care of ourselves and get some things to make us happy :)
Your card looks wonderful, I love the font and holly in this design.

Sally said...

Lovely new stash Nicola. I think we all need a treat from time to time!

Your card is gorgeous. Hope you can get the Kreinik soon.

staci said...

Yay! New stash!!!

Love your Christmas greeting card, that gold is so eyecatching, hope you get more soon!

Siobhán said...

Lovely new stash, Nicola! Great job on the card, too. Very pretty!

Von said...

Nice new stash!! Happy floss winding. :)