Thursday, 2 February 2012


No, I haven't gone mad and fast forwarded to May, wish I could though, no I've been stitching on PS's "May" this week. It's been a while since I've shown this and I have worked a little on it here and there. The lambs at the bottom have been bugging me, I've not enjoyed stitching them at all, but I was determined to get them done and move up on the design. Here's where I left it yesterday.

I have now finished the stitching on side one of Jingle, I just have the pearls and beads to stitch on which I'll probably do once the second side is stitched.

Tuesday was Needlecraft Haven's TUSAL day and here are my ORT's for January.

Now a little bit of family news, mainly for my U.K. readers. This coming Saturday (4th Feb.) my son, Paul and his partner, Carla will be appearing on BBC's Saturday Kitchen Live, they'll be the members of the public sitting at the table along with the guest celebrity, who, according to my TV guide is going to be the actor Samuel West.

Thanks for all your lovely comments, they really make my day!



cucki said...

what a sweet stitching project..i love it so much..
lovely orts..
love for you
cucki xx

Ginnie said...

I will look out for your family on the TV on Saturday, we sometimes watch that.

escargopotte said...

that is so pretty !

Lesleyanne said...

May looks lovely as does your other pictures. I have Saturday kitchen on so will keep an eye open for your son.

Christine said...

Great stitchingf, I love the PS piece. I must remember to watch Saturday Kitchen

Julie said...

May is looking lovely, although I am a JN fans so was happy to see the first side of Jingle.
Hope your DS and partner have a fun time Saturday.

Kathy A. said...

Lovley work. I can see how those lambs can be a pain!
Love the photos in your header.

Carol said...

I just love your PS piece, Nicola!! And how exciting that your son and his partner will be on TV--I'm sure that will be very exciting to see them :)

Chris said...

Hi Nicola!
I love your Prairie Schooler stitching.
Happy Friday :)

Brigitte said...

Oh great, Nicola, another wonderful Prairie Schooler. It's so sweet and reminds me of the spring, which I'm so longing for right now.

Sally said...

Your PS piece is looking gorgeous Nicola. I've not picked my Daffodils up for months. I must get back to it soon.

Love Jingle.

Hope your son and his gf had a great time this morning. I saw on your FB that he'd proposed to her and she said yes! Fantastic news :)

Siobhán said...

Beautiful stitching, Nicola! Congratulations to your son--I saw the announcement on FB! ;)